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Making your life a little easier…

Complete Flexibility

Just like your favorite Simply Youth Ministry resources, LIVE is designed to simplify your ministry and save you time. Every lesson is written and tested in the trenches by youth ministry veterans. You’ll love the ease of the lessons. Click through these pages to see the series overview, a sample lesson, and corresponding student handout for both LIVE High School and our other LIVE lines.

Manage Online

With our state-of-the-art online management system, planning your ministry has never been easier! You can follow our lesson schedule, or customize your calendar with your own order of lessons. Better yet, create multiple calendars if you want to guide your specific groups through different lessons.

Accessible Anywhere

LIVE is optimal for on-the-go use. Whether you’re on the bus to camp or hanging out at a coffee shop, it’s simple to access and use LIVE from any mobile device. The design eliminates unnecessary extra steps—you won’t even need to open an app! There’s no need to pinch and zoom or get frustrated because you clicked the wrong tab. Tools and features are clear so you can accomplish tasks wherever and whenever.

Parent Email Template

Students’ parents are a crucial part of youth ministry. Give parents opportunities to connect with their kids in fresh ways that coincide with what you’re teaching them in youth group. Using the LIVE customizable parent email template helps parents deepen their relationships with their kids, but you’ll also see improvements in your own communication and partnership with parents.

Unlimited Calendars

Create an unlimited number of calendars for lessons and events. Use pre-set lesson plans or customize your own to best fit your different groups. Plus, give calendar access to unlimited users to accommodate all your ministry’s needs.

Daily App

What if you could effortlessly and regularly remind your students of what you’ve just prayerfully taught them that week in youth group? The LIVE Daily app* sends daily lesson reminders as notifications to your students’ mobile devices to add layers to what you’ve already taught and to reach students who respond to different approaches of learning. Notifications are “in the moment” and designed to keep their minds focused on the truth of what you taught them. *Only available upon purchase of LIVE Holiday, Junior High, and High School.

Plus, so many more…

  • Subscribe to various blog feeds for training.
  • Quickly communicate with your team
  • Easily set a schedule for your small groups leaders
  • Set the master calendar for your ministry
  • View multiple calendars all at once!
  • View calendars by day, week, month, or quarter!
  • Order custom student and leader books!

  • Schedule lesson by lesson or series by series!
  • Send lesson change notifications to your leaders.
  • Explore the lessons in depth
  • Customize the dashboard to only show what you want
  • Share and tag lesson specific files for easy access.
  • Set news feeds for your team
  • Integrates with Group’s SIMPLY TEXT youth ministry texting tool.

For more information, give Matty a call

he’s our in-house LIVE ninja who can answer all your questions