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Choose Wisely

Navigating Your Life With Jesus


This four-week message series focuses on how teenagers can make good choices? Students will experience real stories from the Bible contrasting people’s good and bad choices. They’ll also witness what Jesus does to redeem our bad choices and the freedom of living a life that makes good choices.

In this series, teenagers will develop a method of discernment to help them make both short and long term decisions by exploring the Bible. They’ll see the difference between self-interest and selflessness that comes from reconciling our lives with Jesus.


With LIVE Teaching Series: Choose Wisely, teenagers will experience real stories from the Bible contrasting people’s good and bad choices.

  • Wisdom in Our Decisions (1 Kings & Deuteronomy)
  • Choosing to Reconcile (Acts)
  • Learning to Discern (Acts)
  • Which Way to Go (Luke)

4-Message Series

  • 4 Primary Messages contained in Microsoft Word files
  • Progressive from start to finish
  • Easy to lead, easy to prepare for
  • A rich mix of leader insights, student interaction, and memorable experiences


Options You Can Mix Into the 4-Message Series

  • 1 sermon script
  • 1 interactive prayer experience


Graphics Teaching Assets

(All slides are .jpg and intended for wide screen projection)

  • Professionally designed sets of slides—one for each primary lesson
  • Thematic intro or transition slides
  • Blank teaching slides, ready for customizing


Promotional Assets

  • mp4 video bumper
  • Promotional posters—full-color, 8.5×11 and 11×17 (all files are .jpg and CMYK)
  • JPG bulletin inserts
  • PDF bulletin inserts (data fields provided for pre-printing custom information)
  • Sticker sheets (one generic and one designed to work with Avery sticker sheet #22805)
  • Email headers
  • Social-media images
  • Printer-ready T-shirt files—full-color & one-color logo options
  • Animated GIF to use for online promotion or website
  • Online Management System: Your purchase of any LIVE message series gives you automatic access to the LIVE online management tool. This allows you to edit messages, communicate with your leaders, create calendars, and more ($99 value).

Wisdom in Our Decisions

By exploring Solomon’s life, help teenagers uncover the differences between wise and poor decisions. Reveal to them how Jesus can take a bad decision and redeem it.

Verses: 1 Kings 2-12


Choosing to Reconcile

Help teenagers ponder their past and future choices, consider the role of self-interest vs. selflessness in their choices, and discover how they can promote reconciliation through their everyday decisions.

Verses: Acts 16


Learning to Discern

Help kids explore the difference between essentials and nonessentials in their pursuit of Jesus. You’ll help them discern things that are simply differences of opinion, rather than central truths about Jesus and the Christian life.

Verses: Acts 15


Which Way to Go

Take your teenagers on a journey into their choices and commitments. You’ll ask them to consider who they say Jesus is, and how that affects the major “crossroads” decisions in their lives.

Verses: Luke 9

Every new account includes one year of access to the online tool that delivers curriculum and helps you manage your leaders ($99 value).


With our online management system, planning your small groups has never been easier. You can follow our road map and choose which lessons to teach and when. But you aren’t limited to just one schedule! You can set separate calendars if you want different groups to study different lessons.


Once you set a schedule, you can make assignments to small-group leaders so they know exactly what they’re teaching. All they have to do is log into the Live Curriculum using their own account created by you. Not only will leaders see what they’re teaching, but you can send them messages and share files you want them to have for small group.


And because the system’s online, it’s always available so you and your leaders can prepare at your convenience.


Is anything easier than that?

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