LIVE Curriculum | Intentional Bible Lessons to Guide Youth Toward a Jesus-Centered Life
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LIVE Curriculum

We get it! Ministry is never going to be easy…but it can be a little easier. We’ve walked in your shoes and we understand something special transpires when we’re freed up to follow God’s direction for our ministry, all while being able to invest more time with our students and their parents.  LIVE doesn’t exist to replace what God is leading you to do, nor does it aim to remove your voice while teaching. LIVE does exist to come alongside of you, free up some time, and give you a launching pad, putting you in complete control of what you teach and when you teach it.

Save Time

Save Time

Why spend countless hours preparing, scheduling, and organizing when you could be spending that time with your youth group? The average youth leader saves 3 hours of prep time with LIVE, which begs the question,“What are you missing out on with those 3 hours?”
Gain Credibility

Gain Credibility

Every youth worker strives to present an intentional teaching plan to staff, parents, and volunteers. LIVE puts the control in your hands so you can communicate with confidence.


LIVE is set apart by its dedication to being focused and centered on Jesus, showing students how he changes everything from the inside out.
Maximize Impact

Maximize Impact

Our window for impacting the life of a student is short. Whether you have them for 6 months or 6 years, LIVE will help you make the most of each teaching opportunity.
Did you know LIVE has one-size-fits-all pricing?  LIVE is affordable for small churches, large churches, and everything in between.


With our online management system, planning your teaching times has never been easier.


The Administrator Page (dashboard) is the hub, the nexus, the big, pulsing brain at the center of the LIVE Curriculum website.


Access your lessons anywhere, any time. No matter if you’re on a plane, train, or bus LIVE is always at your fingertips.


Perfect for the old-school teacher who wants a printed book in their hands. Copies are received within 10 business days.


In the blink of an eye, send a message to your entire team! Messenger pigeons hate us for this one.


No need for a degree in web design. With a couple of clicks you’ll have your calendar synced.


Schedule your ministry events and lessons in one easy place, whether the event is recurring or one-time only.


We know you’re a better recruiter than a college football coach, so feel free to add and delete leaders as needed.


Remember those lessons you locked yourself away to develop? Upload them to LIVE for the rest of your team to use.


You know your ministry best. Use our lessons straight out of the gate or edit them to fit your ministry’s DNA.

Have Questions?

Ask Petey, our super-knowledgeable parrot


For more information, give Matty a call

he’s our in-house LIVE ninja who can answer all your questions