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With our state-of-the-art online management system planning your small groups has never been easier! You can follow our road map, or select which lessons you want to teach and when you want to utilize them. Better yet you aren’t even limited to one schedule, you have multiple calendars in case you want to guide your groups through different lessons.


  • Order custom student and leader books!
  • View calendars by day, week, month, or quarter!
  • View multiple calendars all at once!
  • Set the master calendar for your ministry
  • Easily set a schedule for your small groups leaders
  • Quickly communicate with your team
  • Subscribe to various blog feeds for training.

  • Schedule lesson by lesson or series by series!
  • Send lesson change notifications to your leaders.
  • Explore the lessons in depth
  • Customize the dashboard to only show what you want
  • Share and tag lesson specific files for easy access.
  • Set news feeds for your team
  • Integrates with the COMMUNICATE tool from Simply Youth Ministry TOOLS.

Once you set your schedule, you can assign your leaders to a specific calendar so they know exactly what they are teaching by logging into your church’s Live Curriculum account. Not only will your leaders see your ministry’s upcoming events and lessons, but you can also send them messages and share files you want them to have.

And since it’s online it’s always available so you and your leaders can prepare whenever it’s convenient.

Is there anything easier than that?


HOW IT WORKS: For the Administrator


It’s yours, now get started. It’s as simple as entering a username and password.


Edit a lesson or shoot messages to other teachers, easy peasy.


Get everyone on the same page by assigning them to a teaching calendar.


Get the party started!

HOW IT WORKS: For the Teacher


Your group leader will send you the information you need to log-in.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll know exactly where to go to see your next lesson.


Read and prep online or print out the lesson-whichever works best for you!


Teach—As the Dutch say after a long day in their windmills, “TEEAAAACCH!”


The Administrator Page is the hub, the nexus, the big, pulsing brain at the center of the LIVE Curriculum website.

Here’s where your designated administrator will log in and schedule your ministries calendar and will customize the lessons.


For more information, give Matty a call

he’s our in-house LIVE ninja who can answer all your questions