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Build a biblical foundation for leadership in your youth ministry with LIVE Leadership, a new addition to the LIVE Curriculum this year. This dynamic resource provides a total of 60 lessons that will inspire and engage junior high students, high school students, and adult volunteers.

We’ve partnered with our good friends at LeaderTreks to help your students and adults discover indispensable biblical principles that are relevant both to daily life and to youth ministry. LeaderTreks has built a solid reputation as a national ministry committed to helping congregations pursue the goal of consistent leadership development within youth ministries.

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• Student Leadeship

• Basics of Working with Students

• Your Leadership Role

• Four Cries of a Student’s Heart

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• The Basics

• The Impact of Leadership

• Balancing Act: The Doing Side of Leadership

• Balancing Act: The Being Side of Leadership

• Leading the Mission

• Tasks & Relationships

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• Two Sides of Leadership

• The Life of a Leader

• Authentic Leadership

• Developing Solid Leadership

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• The Foundations of Leadership

• Living Out Leadership

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• Character & Leadership

• The Leader’s Heart

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