Live Curriculum | Junior High
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Junior High

Taking generic youth ministry curriculum and using it with junior high students can feel like the proverbial square pegs and round holes—nothing works quite right, it’s painful to watch, and it isn’t fun for anyone involved!

That’s why we created the Junior High LIVE Curriculum! The lessons feature topics, illustrations, activities, and application truths that are appropriate and tailor-made for a junior high audience.

This cohesive, two-year plan follows a 36-week ministry calendar year. Lessons flow from one topic to the next, and the second year builds on the themes and truths introduced in the first year.

But just like each seventh-grader is a distinctive and original creature, each ministry is unique, so we give you the option of taking the curriculum apart, shifting around the pieces, and using the lessons in whatever order you’d like. You can prayerfully schedule the lessons as you sense God’s direction in your ministry. And unlike the awkwardness and challenges of the junior high years, adapting the curriculum is simple, easy, and almost effortless!

All 72 lessons reflect solid biblical foundations and a commitment to hands-on, interactive learning styles that church leaders expect from Group and Simply Youth Ministry. We’ve packed each series with questions that will get students discussing, debating, examining, and thinking for themselves—essential skills in helping them own their faith.

Quit trying to fit those square pegs into round holes. Junior High LIVE will transform your small groups into life-giving gatherings that leaders can’t wait to lead and students can’t wait to attend!

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• The Full Story of God – (4 weeks)

• Identity – (3 weeks)

• Who is God? – (3 weeks)

• Belonging in Community – (3 weeks)

• Dangerous People – (3 weeks)

• Life of Jesus: Things That He Said – (2 weeks)

• Following Jesus – (2 weeks)

• Family – (3 weeks)

• Reading & Understanding Your Bible – (3 weeks)

• Changes – (3 weeks)

• Pain and Struggles – (3 weeks)

• Sexuality: What Was God Thinking? – (2 weeks)

• Grow On Your Own: Pt. 1 – (2 weeks)

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• 4 Things You Need to Know – (4 weeks)

• Doubt – (2 weeks)

• Church – (4 weeks)

• Wise Choices – (2 weeks)

• Friendship – (2 weeks)

• Love – (2 weeks)

• Life of Jesus: Things That He Did – (2 weeks)

• Evangelism – (3 weeks)

• End Times – (3 weeks)

• Worship – (2 weeks)

• Sexuality: What Are You Thinking? – (2 weeks)

• Stewardship – (3 weeks)

• Serving – (3 weeks)

• Grow On Your Own: Pt. 2 – (2 weeks)

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