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These are a few questions that have come up over the years. Click the + next to the questions below to see the answer.

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What’s the target age group for the curriculum?

Live Curriculum is available in two versions: a high school edition and a junior high edition. Each edition is crafted for its specific audience.

How long does each lesson run?

Each lesson is designed to last from 60 to 90 minutes. You’ll discover that the curriculum will serve as a springboard for discussion among your students. The more your teenagers engage participate, the longer each lesson will be. But for planning purposes, if you schedule an hour to an hour and a half, you should be in great shape.

Who wrote the curriculum?

Live Curriculum was developed by the teams at Simply Youth Ministry and Group Publishing in relationship with many key thought leaders and youth ministry partners from all over the globe.

Some of our small group leaders don’t have Internet access. Will that limit the curriculum’s effectiveness?

Not at all! The web tool is a dynamic, powerful resource that helps with communication and distribution, but as long as you have a key leader serving as the administrator, you’ll be fine. You can still download and photocopy as many copies as needed for your leaders and students.

Will our small group leaders struggle to teach this material?

Not at all! Your small group leaders don’t have to be theologians to use the material. We’ve crafted lessons that are easily understood, with principles that leaders can grasp and pass along to their teenagers. Plus, our lessons emphasize discussion, dialogue, and meaningful connections among your students, so leaders who care about their teenagers and just enjoy spending time with them will thrive with this curriculum.

Do I have to use these series in order?

Not at all! We’ve created a resource that helps youth workers do what matters most, and we’ve intentionally provided you with as much flexibility as possible. You know your students better than we do, so if you feel that a different sequence or arrangement would work better than what we recommended, we encourage you to do what is best for your students.

Will our students be bored by clear-cut, yes-or-no questions?

Nope! We believe it’s important for teenagers to develop a Jesus-centered life, and that means grappling with questions that don’t always have easy answers. We’ve offered possible answers for some questions in the lessons, but many of the questions are designed to encourage students to discuss, debate, examine, and think for themselves—an essential tool to help them own their faith.

Will these lessons work with both guys’ and girls’ small groups?

You bet! The lessons feature discussion questions and application principles that will be relevant to your teenagers, regardless of gender. In a few cases, we recognized that guys and girls may approach a lesson topic differently, so we’ve provided a mix of questions or illustrations—some that work best in a guys’ group and some that work best in a girls’ group.

Will these lessons really engage our teenagers?

Yes! Each lesson is built on the REAL teaching principles: Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-based. This means each week, your students will have the opportunity to build relationships through interactive elements, questions that challenge them to dig deeper, and opportunities to put the lesson’s principles into action. It’s all designed to help teenagers own their faith and develop a Jesus-centered life.

Will this work on my Mac?

Of course. It’s a web-based application that is tested to work in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any computer with internet access and the latest version of your internet browser should run the application great.

Our small group ministry runs all year, but Live Curriculum runs for 36 weeks. How can we make this work for us?

As we laid out each plan we wanted to ensure the youth leader would have complete flexibility as they planned out their lesson calendar thus accommodating for cancellations due to weather, local or national issues that arise, summer calendars as well as the flexibility to focus on any church campaign.

How much does the curriculum cost?

With the cost of the LIVE Curriculum ($249 for Junior High, College, Leadership, Books of the Bible and $499 for High School), you receive all of the material upfront. With the purchase price we include one year of the online engine for you to access the material and determine the worth of the online tool. A year from your date of purchase, should you wish to keep the material online, you will need to renew your subscription at the annual cost of $99.

Can I change the lesson content?

Absolutely! Right inside the lesson you can click “Customize” allowing you to change, move around, delete, or add your own sections to the material. We also provide you with the Microsoft Word documents so you can customize each lesson to fit your youth ministry needs. Flexibility is the key and we want you to be able to customize the material to fit the DNA of your ministry setting.

Can I only use this curriculum with small groups?

Not at all! The beauty of the LIVE Curriculum is that its being used in a variety of formats ranging from at-home small groups, Sunday School classes as well as in mid-week programs. The curriculum is designed to teach your students the Bible, but it can also help them form community and relationships through the discussion questions in each lesson.

Can I really afford the cost?

Great question! We believe that for most youth ministries, the Live Curriculum is an incredibly affordable resource. For example in the high school edition, you’ll have complete access to 144 small group lessons, and the junior high version comes with 72 lessons. All editions include leader guides and student guides. You’ll have permission to print as many copies as necessary for all your small group leaders and all your students. And you’ll have the web tool to manage your material. Try that with most traditional small group resources, and you’ll spend a lot more than the $499 for our high school version and $249 for the junior high, leadership, or Books of the Bible editions.

Will this work on my mobile device?

Yes, you can browse to the website and access it from your mobile device. We also have an iPhone, iPad, and Android apps available.


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